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Serving Patients Since 2006

Securing Resources for Consumers Inc. has been serving individuals in the Durham area since 2006. Since our founding, we have consistently supported individuals with developmental disabilities and/or mental health diagnosis living in their home with their families, or in other group homes and placements.


Our company is continually evolving to meet the demands and challenges faced by the individuals supported by our company.




Get to Know Us a Bit Better

In order to effectively carry out our mission, SRFC has developed a set of Core Values centered on the children and adults supported by our company to:

  • Provide adults with the basics needed to improve functional skills and obtain resources to be successful in the environment of his/her choice.

  • Provide children and adolescents with the basics needed to improve functional skills and obtain resources to be successful in the environment of his/her choice or within the environment that is determined most appropriate by the clients’s primary care giver.

  • Effectively and efficiently provide access to services to all potential clients of SRFC, Inc.

  • Effectively and efficiently provide information, as appropriate, to the client and other stakeholders affiliated with Securing Resources for Consumers.

  • Provide a satisfactory level of service to all clients.

  • Provide a satisfactory environment for SRFC employees and satisfactory services to SRFC stakeholders.

  • Manage SRFC fiscal operations in an effective and efficient manner.


Our FOCUS is to provide cost-effective,

quality treatment to all our our clients.

Our MISSION is to provide quality care and services to consumers in a variety of settings consistently meeting consumer needs at a reasonable cost using the highest possible standards of excellence.

Our collective VISION that through the efforts of SRFC, Inc., all individuals and their families will have the opportunity to achieve principles of normalization and stability through access to primary prevention resources designed to promote independence and dignity and foster resiliency among adolescents, adults, and families.



Serving Patients Since 2006

Securing Resources for Consumers, Inc. offers several types of services to meet the needs of individual clients and families.

  • Every service works in partnership with each client to develop an individualized treatment plan, set goals and methods to assist the individual in reaching their goals.

  • Securing Resources for Consumers, Inc.’s services are based on the knowledge that every person that has a disability can lead a fulfilling life and participate in their communities.

  • We evaluate is service on its effectiveness in meeting the expectations of the client and helping them achieve their goals.

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