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Securing Resources for Consumers Inc. will provide various services to meet the needs of individuals and clients, while managing their health plan, as well as provide companionship and a multitude of services to enable our clients to maintain their independence. 


SRFC Inc. knows that home is truly our haven and where we feel most comfortable and secure. We believe that is only natural that this is where we should be surrounded by family and friends. Our goal is to keep our patient and clients in the comfort of their homes, while maintaining their independence and providing unparalleled support to ensure that quality of life is not compromised but rather enhanced. 


Psychosocial Rehabilitation (PSR) is a service that is the process of restoration of community functioning and well-being of individuals that have mental health issues. SRFC, Inc. will provide this service in a manner such that there is a combination of medication management, therapy, independent living and social skills training, as well as psycho-education and support to clients and their families  with housing, vocational, social support and network enhancement, and access to leisure activities.


Securing Resources’ Supervised Living Residential program provides community living skills instruction to individuals with developmental disabilities living in smaller residences such as apartments. Daily routines incorporate activities typical of others living in the community. Staff visits each person regularly to provide instruction or support and are available 24 hours a day. Individuals will receive less supervision than in group homes but will receive the support needed to improve their independent living skills and community participation. Staff supports, are more  focused on residents’ practicing independent living skills, including: self-care, cooking, cleaning, money management, leisure time planning etc. Residents may also work on accepting greater responsibility for self-medication.The goal of this program is to provide the client, family, and case manager with a recommendation of the client’s ability to live on their own.  In some cases a long-term residential program is better suited to an individual’s needs or abilities. 


Securing Resources’ Independent Living Program provides supports to individuals who have demonstrated an ability to live on their own with minimal supports from staff. Individuals residing in the Independent Living Program receive intensive case management, individual group mental health counseling, psychiatric counseling, medication prescription and monitoring and crisis intervention services, as recommended by his/her case manager or qualified professional. Independent Living Program will focus on:

  • Building daily living skills, such as cooking, cleaning, budgeting and shopping

  • Establishing a support network of friends, family, and other support groups

  • Improving their development of household and daily routines

  • Connecting with various community resources

  • Referrals to skill-building groups and workshops

  • Participating in social and recreations activities

Currently we are accepting both Medicaid and Private Pay clients. 

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