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Support Services For Childern, Adults and Familes
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Physical Health Services

In-Home Health Care   Securing Resources for Consumers, Inc. knows that home is truly our haven and  where we feel most comfortable and secure. We believe that it is only natural that  this is where we should be surrounded by family and friends and our goal is to keep  our patients and clients in their home, while maintaining their independence and  providing unparalleled support to ensure that quality of life is not compromised but  rather enhanced.  Affordable, quality care provided by an accomplished team of professionals is what  you can expect from SRFC, Inc. Home Health Care Services.   SRFC, Inc. Home HealthCare Services will provide various services to meet the  needs of patients in their home, while managing their health care plan, as well as  provide companionship and a multitude of services to enable our clients to  maintain their independence and stay in their home. We are currently accepting  both Medicaid and Private Pay clients.  MEDICAID CLIENTS An eligible Medicaid beneficiary is under the care of a doctor who has ordered the  treatment or services that SRFC, Inc. provides.   You must meet Medicare’s definition of “homebound”. This only means that leaving  the home requires “taxing” effort therefore you leave the home infrequently.   SRFC, Inc. will only provide visits for the length of time it takes to provide treatment  ordered by the physician.  . PRIVATE PAY CLIENTS SRFC, Inc. Home Health Care will gladly provide services to you or your loved one  upon your request. No medical referral is required by a physician. However, it is  required to have an assessment completed by SRFC’s nursing staff prior to  beginning services. We will also work closely with your physician to ensure the best  possible care.  We would be happy to sit down with you and your loved ones to discuss your needs  and goals and how our services can help. We can meet in your home, the home of  your loved one or at our office at a time that is convenient for you.
Medical Services
DWI/DWLR  We offer evaluation and education services to people that have a DWI or a DWLR. The classes fulfill the requirements of the court and DMV. Our services are offered in both English and Spanish by a team of professionals. Out of State Reviews are also offered for people who do not reside in North Carolina or whom reside in North Carolina and have an DWI/DWLR in another state.
Substance Abuse Services
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