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Support Services For Childern, Adults and Familes
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Mental Health Services

Peer Support Services  Peer Support services emphasize personal safety, self-worth, confidence, and growth, connection to the  community, boundary setting, planning, self-advocacy, personal fulfillment, and development of social  supports, the helper principle, and effective communication skills. Services emphasize the acquisition,  development, and expansion of rehabilitative skills needed to move forward in recovery.  Outpatient Services  Outpatient Services provides a range of services to children, adolescents, adults, couples, families and  special populations. Our licensed professionals  are committed to creating a treatment plan based upon your  needs. Treatment services include:  •	Comprehensive clinical assessments •	DWI Assessments •	Medication Management	 •	Individual therapy •	DBT Groups •	Couples and family therapy •	Children’s therapy and play therapy •	Domestic violence treatment  Psychiatric Services  Securing Resources for Consumers, Inc. provides comprehensive counseling for all stages of  life, including specialized therapy for adults, adolescents and children. Our team of  compassionate professionals includes psychiatrists, clinical social workers, and substance abuse  professionals.  SRFC, Inc.’s philosophy of care focuses on working with you to address the issues that are  affecting your well-being, acting as a team to develop an effective treatment plan tailored your  goals.  Services include: •	Comprehensive psychiatric evaluation •	Psychiatric therapy •	Ongoing medication management •	Medication education and compliance, including assistance to obtain prescription drugs at reduced prices or free of charge
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